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Artwork by Zebulon
Photographs by Katie Hennessy and Greg Papanastasiou


released July 13, 2017

Produced and mixed by Zyd

Zyd - Vocals and Guitar
Unstoppable Macintosh - Vocals, Electronic Bass
Zebulon - Electronic Guitar
Foxquel Pope - Vocals, Drums
Agamous Betty - Vocal (Forgives the Plow), Drums on e a b a e

Zebulon and Zyd play lead Guitar on 'Innadrive'
Zebulon plays lead Guitar on Beijing Peiking

All songs written and composed by Zyd excluding:
Beijing Peiking improvised by Foxquel Pope

Pallendrop and e a b a e composed by Unstopable Macintosh and Betty

e a b a e written by Bread and Betty

Eucalyptus recorded live at Bar Open by Katie Hennessy

Myaha Genocide and Rainy Night Skies performed entirely by Zyd

Secret Song composed and written by Foxquel Pope



all rights reserved


Pinko Lounge Australia

PINKO Loungeroom Band happened and here is where I kept what happened before, during and after what happened

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Track Name: DIVE
How my minds in overdrive
You're bringing me high but leaving me down so low
Pulling me in my misery to leave me alone and go

You told me I'm restless standing tall
To count no sympathies
Because when you're close to me
I feel spiritualised

Ah my minds in overdrive!
Bringing me high leaving me down so low
Putting me in my misery, I'm all alone, all alone just go
So I look around all mystical because it's not gonna sing to you

I am restless standing tall
Counting no sympathies
Because when you're close
To see you'll fucking feel spiritualised
Track Name: eucalyptus
Sky cruel
Lost again in the billowing bush
oh wasn't it good wasn't it good
To transcend time in a glimmering
wush I would if I could or what if I could
Go round and around an illuminous haze
so what if it rains oh what if it stains
God willingness unanimous good
I ran and I ran and I ran around
All covered in pink with my lipstick sticks
To the troublesome hiss of mystic fits
So a lizard who sings claws through my veins
and the spiders dance in the flickering flame
All the outside in I'm covered in sin
And I ran
And I ran
And I ran
And I ran
And I ran
Ah wow!
Track Name: palinDROP
We are here and all together
Flowing on a nursery rhyme
We told ourselves go away
Fly me back to where I sleep
The sombre place between the fields
As everyone drills

Tied the bate upon a rose
and in her dreams conformed him
To throw away the vanity
Write again and caricature me
The soul I see between the trees
and all the thing I'll lose in my dreams

Because it's so good being here
The sun sets
The sun is rising up

Recording me is such a glee
But you are never here with me
Where violets bloom to shades of pink
like every moments on the brink
While all I do is think of you
At the centre of it all

It's so good to be here
The sun sets all while the sun is rising
It's rising

Could she ever be with
Will she ever be with me
Would she ever be with me
Forever she will be with me
Never she will be with me
Forever she will be with me
and so on
Track Name: e a b a e
Now I gotta jaw that's strong like a man!
and he has a jaw like peter pan
I gotta plan goes 1, 2, 3
One you get the hell away from me
Two you don't ever come back
and three I tie you to a track
Cause I gotta love so pure and true
and you got sorrow shining blue
so here's the plan for 4, 5, 6
Four you know involves my dick
Five times to make you feel alive
Now get up on now off that track
Cause I gotta love so pure and true
Seven is the devils number

Take your partner by the hair
Make go thrill feel alive
Will go round and round and round
round again until we go
take their top off we ascend
until the bridge is clearer
take it all comes back *indiscernable*
Ah ha hah ha ha ha!
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Ah ha ha ha haha ha!
Ah h a ha ha ha ha ha!

I'm laughing at you!

My name is Mr Jones
and I am terribly embarrassed to say
my balls have gotten awfully saggy lately
I still sniff the underwear of my glory days
but I've taken to another kind of spirit
and they still lick my saggy balls

Now I gotta jaw that's strong like a man!
Well all this time is so sublime
Four therefore unlock your door
Two and I know, I got it
Oh you know I'll murder you
Go do a line of eckies too
Just to feel that cunt

So have you gotta love so pure and true?
Well girl just know it don't shine through
You know I always try to prove my score
But of my life you're never sure

Now you ain't gonna hear that grunt
All you are is a fucking cunt
I gotta love that's...
Track Name: shine in being
Clearing things
A trinity
In my pocket
Got a pipe
Outer schism
Inner schism
It works self love
Dope fiend, dope fiend
Go to hell if I die down the well, ah!
Here in heaven!
Speak, Speak, Speak, Speak, Speak, Speak!

We all die down the well
We all die down
Shining through

So take the world
Track Name: myaugh ''haha''
I can't seem to think when I'm alone for hours
With life on the brink I'm feeling suicidal
Can't stand the drugs but love the medication
Or I'd get the pliers out to sever up me tendon

Because I'm so alone
And it's my ego

So I lost all the joy